Friday, October 19, 2007

The Seven Dwarfs

We were in the mall and decided to stop in the Disney Store to see what new things we could buy for Little Grim that she didn't need. They happened to have long sleeved adult-sized shirts and one of them had Grumpy on it, along with his name in big letters. So here is how my and Grimjack's conversation went:

Me: Oh, I have to have one of those Grumpy shirts.

Grimjack: You do?

Me: Yes, I can wear it when I'm grumpy so you'll know I'm grumpy.

Grimjack: Do you think you should get two?

Me: Why do I need two of them?

Grimjack: For when the other is in the wash.

Everyone's a comic, and point taken. So this week I will try to be a little less Grumpy and a little more Snow White.

If the dwarfs were women, they would probably have names like Bloated, Bitchy, Cranky, Sleazy, Irritable, etc.


skywriter said...

When I'd be giving a pilot a certification checkride and they'd be acing the oral questions I'd always throw one in at the end. I'd tell him this was the "make or break" question and they'd get all nervous.

It was "Name all seven drawfs". They'd have a pretty good chuckle, relax knowing they'd passed, then they'd give it a try. I never had anyone get all seven though. Everyone missed "bashful".

And no - "horny" and "sleazy" are not dwarfs.

USA_Admiral said...

That was funny. The female dwarf names were hilarious.

RT said...

How about "weepy?" Heh. Well, it goes with the bloated and cranky.

Just sayin'.

Loving Annie said...

Good Friay evening to you, Mrs. Grim !

Skywriter, usa admiral and rt already said it perfectly !

I'd get 2 of each. in different colors. :)

barista grazioso said...

One in red and one in blue. How about Menopausal and PMSie?

Your post was great! :)