Monday, October 15, 2007

Move over, Martha Stewart !

I know this is probably a boring subject for most of you, but I had to chat about one of my new favorite kitchen appliances. We bought a Food Saver months ago, and hadn't used it yet, so earlier this week, I finally dragged it out. In case you don't know, a Food Saver basically shrink-wraps food for storage either in the fridge or freezer. Raw meats and fish should be partially frozen so they retain their shape, and the food you seal shouldn't be too moist. We occasionally shop at one of the bulk warehouses and thought the Food Saver would come in handy.

So, I cooked a huge batch of boneless chicken, two different ways, and then used the Food Saver so I could freeze it in small portions. It is so awesome. It worked great, and now I have about a dozen bags of cooked chicken portions in the freezer that I can just grab and reheat when necessary. I also bagged two types of cheese we had in the fridge, and you can just cut the bags open, use what you need, and reseal them.

Last night it took 10 minutes to make dinner. I sauteed garlic, fresh spinach and carrots in some olive oil, thawed the chicken in the microwave for a minute, cut it in to strips, and tossed it all with a little Cranberry Citrus salsa. It was awesome.

Move over, Martha Stewart!


barista grazioso said...

I myself have contemplated buying one of these things, but haven't choked up the money yet. But, you've now convinced me. 10 minutes??!! That's fabulous! Just the amount of time you save makes the thing pay for itself in no time. Get it? No time?

Okay - bad joke.

Loving Annie said...

Last night's dinner sounds GREAT, Mrs. Grim ! Yummmm.

I always wondered how/if that Food Saver worked - sounds like it is worth getting !