Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Wine

We tried a new Spanish wine tonight, a Vina Tobia Rioja. Rachel Ray had cooked with a Rioja during an episode recently so I decided to try it. I really enjoyed it. The label says it has bright color; a clean fresh berry aroma and flavor; and a soft mouthfeel that carries into the elegant finish. It was very nice. Grimjack prefers a sweeter, less dry wine. It went very nicely with the meal, since I had used the wine in the Stoup (thicker than a soup but not as thick as a stew).

I'll keep this one on our list.


Christine said...

Stoup. Never heard that but plan to steal it. Thanks

USA_Admiral said...

Stoup. That is a great idea. I would go as far as saying souper? (That looks worse when it is written down.)

I think starting a "Wine Review by Mrs. Grim" might be a worthwhile endeavor for you Blog.

Mrs Grim said...

Christine - I have to credit Rachael Ray with the Stoup term, but steal away!

Admiral - I've had an interest in wine and would like to do reviews, but I just don't drink it enough to do that. Unfortunately it aggravates my allergies. But whenever I do try a new bottle, I will let you know!