Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Alive !

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I'd blog about Horror/Suspense movies. The movies I like aren't necessarily about blood and gore. I like the feeling that you can't stand to wait for what is going to happen next, or the ones where you want to yell at the character "Don't open that closet door!" I've never been able to watch the Freddy Krueger - Nightmare on Elm Street movies. They just freak me out.

Here is a list of my top favorites, in no particular order:

Frankenstein, 1931
Halloween, 1978, with Jamie Lee Curtis
Night of the Living Dead, 1968 - Who doesn't love zombies, or brains?
Psycho, 1960 - The Janet Leigh shower scene is the best of all time. Incidentally, she is Jamie Lee Curtis's Mom.
The Birds , 1963 with Tippi Hedren - An Alfred Hitchcock classic
Jaws, 1975 - The shark music is probably the most recognizable tune, and great fun at the beach.
Carrie, 1976 - Makes you appreciate your own prom, doesn't it?
The Fly, 1986, with Jeff Goldblum - I liked the original as well, but the remake was way more disturbing.
Gaslight, 1944 with Ingrid Bergman - You may not have seen or heard of this one, it's kind of a mind-f*** movie. If you like old movies, it's worth a watch.
Rebecca, 1940 - Another Alfred Hitchcock, another mind-f*** movie.

There are probably a dozen more I am neglecting to add. Alfred Hitchcock is probably my favorite director of the horror/suspense genre. The effects were pretty good for the day, although today some may seem kind of campy. But that just makes them all the more fun and entertaining for me. I probably could have listed just about any movie he directed here. I also always loved the cheesy Japanese monster movies - Godzilla, etc.

Oh, I forgot the Manchurian Candidate, 1962, also with Janet Leigh, and Frank Sinatra. Oh, and The Boys from Brazil, and The Omen. Seriously creepy. I could go on and on.

What are your favorites?


USA_Admiral said...

This is a great post. I have never heard of Gaslight before but I like movies like that. I will have to get it and watch it.

I like the:
Dawn of the Dead.
28 Days.
American Werewolf in London.
The Thing. (Both)
Almost all the Dracula movies.
My favorite is "The Fly" for the same reason you gave.

RT said...

Fall of the House of Usher

It is the movie that made me a fan of Edgar Allan Poe. my grandmother and I used to watch Creature Double Feature (and then WWF wrestling).

Today would have been her 90th birthday. Thanks for letting me have a good memory. I've been kind of sad, today.

Mrs Grim said...

Admiral - thanks. See, I forgot the Dracula movies. There are just too many.

RT - sorry you are sad today. I'm imagining your grandmother watching the WWF - she must have been something. Did she have a favorite? I always liked Rowdy Roddy Piper.

I'm a Poe fan as well.

RT said...

She liked Rowdy Roddy Piper. She was Scottish, so she had to root for him. Except one time, he and Superfly Snooka were having a really bloody, violent match that had Snooka taken off on a stretcher.

My favorite was Snooka (but secretly I loved Piper).