Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Embarrassing Moment

Last night, we had Parent Night at Little Grim's pre-school in Glenside. I'm there frequently during the week, picking up and dropping off, so I pretty much know what is going on there. After getting cookies and cider, we walked down to her classroom and had to sit in those little tiny kiddie chairs. The teacher explained what the ciriculum is, etc and we were in and out in 20 minutes, which was great. Back through the hallway, past the cookie and cider ladies, and out we go.

Bear with me, there is a reason I am explaining how far we walked in public.

Grimjack's parents were at the house with Little Grim, so we took advantage and headed over to Willow Grove Mall to Ruby Tuesday's on the third floor for a late, quick dinner. Didn't get a close parking spot because there was a concert at the mall and the lot was full. After dinner, we walked through the mall to the escalators to Starbucks on the ground floor for coffee and an M&M cookie (which they were out of) for Little Grim. Then we proceeded through the mall back up the escalators to the third floor to walk through the parking lot to leave.

So we get home, and I'm walking around the kitchen talking to my brother on the phone, and my mother-in-law walks up behind me and says something like "You must not know your pants are split or you wouldn't be just walking around the house".

My what are WHAT???!!! Yes, apparently my jeans were on their last legs (heh) and split at the rear seam. The problem is, I have no idea when it happened. Did I walk through pre-school like that, after I sat in the kiddie chair? Did it happen when I sat down for dinner? I have absolutely no idea - I never noticed a draft or anything.

Below is a picture of my pants, minus my butt. AND, I was wearing a short denim jacket, so nothing was covered. And, at the risk of providing too much information, I was wearing a thong, so it wasn't my underwear anybody was viewing, it was actually my butt.

So, we decided it was Grimjack's fault, because if he had been watching my ass when he was walking behind me the way he should have been, I would have known it had happened. And to all the people at pre-school and the Mall who possibly saw my butt, Frak you for not telling me!

Disclaimer: Objects in this picture are smaller than they appear.

Any embarrassing moments you'd like to share?


skywriter said...

I was at the store with one of my best friends kids. They liked to go with their "Aunt" Linda.

There was this HUGE woman in front us of in line, probably weighed 280 pounds. As we stood there, the beeper attached to her purse strap went off.

Suddenly little Meghan yells "Look out Auntie L. She's Backing UP"

Oh yeah. . if looks could kill. . .

RT said...

My first thought was, "Why wasn't GrimJack looking at Mrs. G's butt? Isn't that his job?

When I was a teenager, I was so enthralled with talking to a boy with whom I was flirting, I walked smack into a support pillar. Nice.

Mrs Grim said...

Scully - now THAT is embarrassing!

RT - Smooth move. Ha!

USA_Admiral said...
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USA_Admiral said...

While in the USAF I was told of a phone call just before Commander's Call. There was a generous amount of black shoe polish on the ear piece of the phone. Did I fail to mention it was July near Phoenix Arizona (Williams Air Force Base)?
At this Commander's Call I was getting a Good Conduct Medal. There was going to be about 200 people attending. Because of the phone call I was going to be late so one of the co-conspirators offered me a ride.
After arriving I sat in the back of the room. When my name was called I walked to the front of the room and received my medal. When I looked at my Flight Chief (MSGT Woods, An intemperate man of ill humor) His face was purple and he had this bulging vein syndrome going. I knew something was wrong and I got worried because I thought I was in TROUBLE.
After shaking the Commanding Officer's hand I tried to evade my Flight Chief, to no avail. He said "Go to the latrine and look at your ears". When I did I saw the rings of black shoe polish on my ears. I was not the first or the last that this happened to.

Mrs Grim said...

usa_admiral - That is so funny! I actually heard that happens, what a riot.

Anonymous said...

I was the brother on the phone. heh. I picked up the phone, and I hear 'My pants are split!'. I thought, 'Nice, but did you have to call just to tell me that?'
Oh, and usa_admiral has an awesome avatar. I might steal that for my IM.