Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Did You Know...?

...that Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.

The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,446 pounds.

Pumpkins are fruit. They are 90 percent water and contain potassium and Vitamin A.

Native Americans dried strips of pumpkin and wove them into mats. They also roasted long strips of pumpkin on the open fire and ate them.

Colonists sliced off pumpkin tops, removed seeds and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. This was baked in hot ashes and is the origin of pumpkin pie.

Illinois grows more pumpkins than any other state in the country. It harvests nearly 12,300 acres of fruit.

Halloween also is recognized as the 3rd biggest party day after New Year's and Super Bowl Sunday.

Trick-or-treating is thought to have its origins in a European custom called souling where people would beg for "soul cakes."

Legendary magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit from a ruptured appendix on Halloween in 1926.

*Courtesy of The History Channel, Little Grim's Crayola Cookie Kit, and pumpkinmasters.com. Puking Pumpkin courtesy of extremepumpkins.com*


SoHoS said...

I love love love that one. Did you know the pumpkin farmers are freaking out b/c if the bees die then so do their crops for next year???? Weird stuff...

Mrs Grim said...

Yeah, I know. Regarding the bees, our garden at home actually didn't do too well this year, and I think it was because there were not enough polinators (sp?).