Friday, September 28, 2007

Ventilation X (Warning - Do not try these stunts at home, kiddies)

You have probably not heard about Ventilation X. Ventilation X is a group of young guys, of which Number One Son (first on the left in the Love pic) is a member, who participate in some extreme sports - skateboarding, breakdancing and parkour. The guys were featured on the cover of Philadelphia Weekly in late 2006, and were also shown in the Faces of 2006 edition. Here is a copy of the Article if you want to check it out.

CBS Eyewitness News is doing a piece tonight on the 11:00 PM news about them. If you are watching tonight's Phillies game against Washington, you may have noticed the clips of the boys that the network is running as a promo to tonight's news spot. The network is calling what they do 'Thrill Jumping'. It can be dangerous, and the stunts should not be attempted by anyone who is inexperienced or unfamiliar with the territory in which they are practicing. Under no circumstances should younger children be encouraged to do this.

The boys have been to the Sundance Film Festival, and are submitting their movie, XYZ, for 2008. They have traveled up and down the East coast to film in major cities like Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Miami, and Philly of course. The team is also involved in the Paine’s Park Project.

They are good kids and we are really proud of them.


RT said...

That is so cool! You must be really proud. Hopefully, they will be the anti-Bam for the area. :)

Seriously, that's great. I watched the Phillies game, but in a distracted way, so I don't remember any of the promos. Can you believe the Phillies? I'm still not quite believing it, that way, my battle-scarred Philly fan heart is protected.

Mrs Grim said...

For sure - they are winning today's game so far, keep your fingers crossed!

Mrs Grim said...

OK, I lied, the Phillies are losing 2-0. What was I looking at? Duh. I have no idea.

RT said...

You were probably looking at the Mets' game score they had in the right hand corner the whole time. Grrrr. Could the freakin' Marlins just do us a favor? Huh? We gave them a World Series for Pete's sake.

barista grazioso said...

Wow! That's really incredible! They sound like a great group of kids. Definitely a sign of good parenting. :)