Wednesday, September 26, 2007



I picked up this awesome picture from The British Bird. Stop by and give her a look.

Also, thanks to Grimjack, Wyatt, Deathlok, RT, Loving Annie, Jeffro, Scully and USA_Admiral for adding me to your blogrolls. I'm sorry if I missed anyone, I may not have noticed the link yet.

And special thanks to Grimjack for teaching me how to do these links.


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning to you, Mrs. Grim ! How are you doing today ?

Just wanted to come by and say hello, and thank you for the nice comments you have been leaving.

(I was afraid that some of the posts on my naughty blog would offend you, and I am glad that it is not so, and you are comfortable visiting !)

Learning how to add links is great ! It's fun to see your list of cyber-friends growing !

Loving Annie

Mrs Grim said...

Thanks for coming by, LA. I actually didn't realize until recently that you had the other blog, so now I visit even more frequently! I'm sure it is easier to maintain one blog rather than two, and now we'll get the best of both. Have a great week!

RT said...

No problemo. :) Welcome to the club.

USA_Admiral said...

No Problem; It is hard to keep up with.