Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Sister's Wedding

My sister got married in March of this year. Nothing went smoothly, and I mean nothing - they had to change the date because of issues with his ex. The day before the wedding, the person doing the flowers called and said she broke up with her boyfriend and didn't feel like she could do wedding flowers. The baker dropped the cake - although it was salvagable, it was lopsided. The DJ told them the week of the wedding that someone had volunteered him to do a huge charity event the same day as their wedding and he would be unable to be there for their reception. The week or so after their wedding, their photographer's father passed away, which would delay their photos. No big deal. However, 6 or 8 weeks later, the photographer got back in touch with them and indicated she had lost most of their photos due to a lightening storm and subsequent power surge. Apparently she had never backed up the pictures. So they ended up with a full refund and only the pictures everyone else had taken at the wedding. All of these things would cause some stress, but combined - it was tough.

So the family was understandably wondering how this whole thing would work out.

Well. My sister called me this morning - it turns out THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY MARRIED! Apparently a landmark court ruling a few weeks ago provided clarification of Pennsylvania law regarding ministers who received their credentials online, and who has the ability to legally perform wedding ceremonies. My sister and brother-in-law's officient called them and let them know that their marriage was probably not valid. So they now plan to get remarried by a Justice of the Peace.

Maybe we'll have a better cake this time.


skywriter said...

That picture you posted of them was beautiful.

I've been single so long I wouldn't even know how to plan, but if I ever were to get married again, it would be a justice of the peace, and a pub lunch after for all our friends.

Jeffro said...

Egads! When it rained, it poured!

RT said...

Sounds like my luck. That's why the word wedding gives me hives. I'd like to get married, just not have the wedding part.

I hope the couple has a really good sense of humor. :) The most important part is that they love each other and are committed to each other.

Wyatt Earp said...

Did she marry the Phillies' Ed Wade?

Mrs Grim said...

scully - JP and the pub sound nice.

jeffro - for sure.

RT - They did find this very funny, fortunately.

Wyatt - no, does he look like him?

grimjack said...

No horde of locusts though. Always look on the bright side of life.

Stacy said...

Eeesh, I've heard people say that the rougher the wedding, the smoother the marriage. Let's hope!

The British Bird. said...

those poor people! When I married my husband, we had both done the big wedding, and so ended up getting hitched at our local pub and microbrewery one saturday afternoon, by the Brew Master is also an ordained minister. We had a great time, whole thing cost us under 700 bucks and we are just as happy, if not more so. Bless there hearts, I hope things go well the second time around!