Monday, September 24, 2007

Questionable Post, Part 2

RT had a post titled Questionable Post tonight, that made me feel slightly reminiscent of my high school days, mostly because of her song choice (Slow Ride by Foghat). In a roundabout way, it reminded me of an incident that happened with 17-year-old Number One Son this summer.

Grimjack and I go away once a year without kids, for our anniversary weekend in July. This year, we headed to the Poconos. Yes, we did the tacky resort with the red heart-shaped whirlpool tub surrounded by mirrors, which was very fun. The tub at home is too small to adequately soak in, so it was a treat for me. But anyway, during the week before we left, I needed a bag to pack my stuff in, so I grabbed the duffle bag the Number One Son usually uses when he travels. He and his posse travelled a lot this summer making their movie, but that's a story for another post. So I start to pack and noticed that there was something in the smaller front pocket of the bag. I unzipped the pocket, and lo and behold, found a half dozen condoms. So now I had a predicament - how do I handle this knowledge, besides being grossed out that my son might be having sex?

So I checked with his older sisters, who usually know things before I do. They didn't know anything, and were also grossed out. This is their little brother, after all, even though is is about 6' 3" tall now. So I needed a way to let him know I found them, without alienating him. So, what I did was, at the suggestion of one of his sisters, was to get a Sharpie permanent marker, and write "I love my mom" on every condom wrapper, on both sides.

So if or when he does go to use them, he will know I know. And hopefully that will kill the mood. Isn't being a parent fun?


Deathlok said...

1. Might be having sex???

2. He's 17. You could set him on fire and it wouldn't kill the mood.

Good luck with that.

Grimjack, don't snicker in from of her.

RT said...

Heh. You don't want to know what I overhear as a teacher in a high school. You really don't want to know what I overhear about their parties.

I like the idea of the Sharpie, though. That's priceless.

Once in a while I will see kids swapping germs and I think to myself, I can't believe that kid is probably getting some.

Yes, it makes me feel even better about my loser status. ;/

grimjack said...

Hey- my idea was to write "Jesus is watching".

RT said...

Oh, that would have been so cool! Better yet, "Are you ready to learn to change diapers?"