Monday, September 24, 2007

Our trash is someone else's Treasure?

It's time for the annual De-cluttering of the Grim household, better known as Yard Sale weekend. The goal is to drag as much junk as we can to Grimjack's parents' house, in the hopes that we will drag less of it home at the end of the day. Although the parking is less than ideal there, there is a little more traffic going through their street. So this week I will be concentrating on sorting through toys (in Little Grim's absence, of course), baby items, movies, books and household items to sell. I made the mistake of mentioning that I was planning to sell the Winnie the Pooh crib bedding set, and Little Grim started to cry and said that I couldn't sell her blanket. That is why I need to sort through her things when she is not here, otherwise, we will not unload anything.

What I find interesting about yard sales is that no matter what price you have something marked, someone wants to offer you less. I swear I had a couple of little things marked 10 cents one year, and someone asked if I would take a nickel. When I go to yard sales or flea markets, I usually just pay what the item is marked. If it's unreasonable, I just won't buy it. I don't think 10 cents is an unreasonable price for pretty much anything. You can't find things for 10 cents in a store, except for maybe a single Tootsie Roll or piece of gum.

Our new neighbors had a yard sale recently, and we came away with a whole bedding set for Little Grim's new big bed, for $10. Disney Lion King Pillow case, 2 sheets, and comforter. Since she has about a dozen Lion King stuffed animals, it was perfect. That to me is a bargain, since I probably would have paid 4 times that in a store. We also paid 2 dollars for a play Kittie Grooming kit, that had a battery powered 'working' blow dryer and about a dozen other accessories to 'groom' stuffed animals. That purchase has given Little Grim unlimited hours of fun. The neighbor threw in a little Dora clubhouse for free.

We are advertising in the local paper, and putting up signs. If anyone has any tips and ideas to have a more successful sale, please let me know. I'd hate to have to drag 12,000 pounds of stuff back here that night.

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USA_Admiral said...

I have a love/Hate deal with Yard/Garage Sales; I hate getting rid of my junk but the cash. I hate hauling out the stuff and love when my thing did not get bought.