Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

According to the scale this morning, I am down to 201.0 ! Woo-hoo! I am surprised, because I really didn't think I had done very well this week, due to other things we had going on.

Here are some of my food finds this week:

Wegman's Fat free Garden French Dressing
Serving Size - 2 Tablespoons, Calories 60, Fat calories 0, Sodium 410mg (17%), Total carbs 15g (5%)

This was probably the best fat-free dressing I've tried. I usually avoid them because I don't like the texture or after taste, but this one is very good.

My favorite low-fat dressing is Ken's Lite Country French.

Another thing I decided to do when starting this challenge, was broaden the spices we use. So I ordered some things from Penzey's Spices.

I thought we would do better using rubs instead of sauces. The Jerk seasoning was yummy, I did that on boneless chicken breasts. Then, Grimjack made chicken salad with the leftovers and that was good as well.

The seasoned salt is very good on popcorn.

I use the 'I can't believe it's not Butter' spray sparingly on the popcorn, and then sprinkle on the seasoned salt. Although the spray butter is fat- and calorie-free when used as indicated on the bottle, do not over-use it. Apparently the whole bottle is like 800 calories, according to some health expert on the Today show yesterday.

Good luck this week, everyone!


USA_Admiral said...

The weight will just melt right off you once you get it going.

Command the mind and the body will follow.

SoHoS said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! WooHoo!

RT said...

YAY for you!!!! Good luck this next week! :)

Mrs Grim said...

Admiral - 'Command the mind and the body will follow'. I like that.

SoHos and RT - Thanks! Good luck to both of you this week!

Wyatt Earp said...

Awesome! Keep it up!

H2o said...

Good Job! Thank you for stopping by my place for a visit. Good luck for the week ahead.

Ssssteve said...

Way to go Mrs. Grim. good job!!

Loving Annie said...

Penzey's cinnamon is wonderful ! They have such great spices !

Aprilwine said...

That is a great quote Admiral!! I think I need to print that out.

Congrats Mrs. Grim!!! Keep it up.

Mrs Grim said...

Wyatt, h2o, Sssteve, April - Thanks!

LA - there is a Penzey's store nearby so I plan to run in there - so much nicer than online shopping, when you can see and smell everything!