Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm in, too.

After some deliberation, I decided to also join the weight loss group originally started when Sssteve challenged Wyatt to a weight-off. So, with those two and RT, SoHoS, and Grimjack (These are the folks I know are participating, there are more linking to Sssteve), I'm in good company.

I decided to post my actual weight. I know I need to lose weight and maybe having the figures out there in public each week will be more motivating. We'll see. I may also look for the most unflattering picture of myself I can find and post that as motivation.

I'm using Weight Watcher's as my nutritional support. I joined back in December and go on Tuesday nights. I'm hoping that if folks have a good weight loss week during the challenge, they will post what is working for them so the rest of us can learn and benefit as well.

My starting weight this morning is 203.5. The scale actually said 'Error' when I got on it - I didn't think that was a good sign, but perhaps it just needs a new battery. According to WW for my height (5'11"), my target weight at the high end should be 173, so my goal is to lose 30.5 pounds. I'll weigh in again Saturday morning and go from there.

Here's to a healthy year for all of us. Good Luck, Everyone!


USA_Admiral said...

Good Luck!

You might want to take a look at

I used that and lost 26 lbs just by keeping a food journal.

Wyatt Earp said...

Whoo hoo! Welcome aboard! And no matter who wins this thing, we all win.

Mrs Grim said...

Admiral - Thanks! And thanks for the tip on, I hadn't heard of that one.

Wyatt - True! Let's make us all proud!

SoHoS said...

Man 5'11 you are tall!!!!! I wish I was that tall. My girl cousins are. I am the shortest woman in my family other than one cousin. I am 5'7...I don't know my actual weight yet b/c I don't own a scale. I am going to the Doctor and will get it then.

Aprilwine said...

I know 3 people who were very successful with Weight Watchers. You can do it!!! Wishing the best for you.

RT said...

Good luck! :) It's nice to have a couple of girls along for the ride. I was afraid I'd be the only girl.

I ate a little more fruit than usual, today, and I've found that I don't have the "evening" appetite I usually do.

I had some sliced apples in the afternoon, and I'm not all that hungry.

It will take my metabolism about two or three weeks to get revved up.

Mrs Grim said...

SoHoS - I am actually the shortest out of us 6 siblings, my two sisters are both 6' tall, and my 3 brothers are over 6'. We grow'em big here!

Aprilwine - thanks for the encouragement! WW is the only thing that ever worked or me, long-term.

RT - good luck to you too, friend! Yes, the evening appetite is a killer, That's when I usually binge on half a bag of pretzels, or whatever. I'm trying to drink hot tea now when I feel like I'm craving something I don't really need.

Loving Annie said...

Good luck with it ! You'll look great when it's done :)

SoHoS said...

My family is the same. My Mom is 5'9...2 girl cousins 5'11 and all the men 6'4 and above. All except my dad who is an even 6' so I got my shortness from him.

Ssssteve said...

It's going to be good and fun! Good luck! Man, your almost as tall as I am! I'm 6'4"

Is Mr Grim really 7 foot?

Mrs Grim said...

LA - thanks for the encouragement!

SoHoS - It's funny when 6' is considered short!

Sssteve - It will be fun! and Grimjack wishes - he's only
5'7 or 5'8"ish.

grimjack said...

"You'll look great when it's done :)"

She looks great now.

And dear- I am 5'8".