Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've Become my Mother

Once again, I find myself saying the exact things that my parents used to say to us kids, at which I rolled my eyes and swore I wouldn't say to my own. Here is a list of those things, that I either have said or do say to my kids:

Close the door, I'm not heating the whole neighborhood.
Eat your dinner, there are kids starving in China. (Popular answer "Why don't we send them this, then?")
Money doesn't grow on trees, you know.
Don't make me pull over!
Do you want a spanking?
Who left the light on?
Go put on a sweater.
Who left the door unlocked?
If you don't pay the bill, don't touch the thermostat.
Clean your room.
Be careful crossing the street.
Don't pick your nose.
What is in that cup in your room? (The answer is usually something like "it was iced tea three weeks ago")
Get those dishes out of your room.
Did you do your homework? (The most popular answer to this one is always "I did it during study period")
Don't you need a coat (or gloves, or hat, etc)?
Wear your seatbelt!
You'd better behave.
The crusts are good for you.
You want to grow up to be big and strong, don't you?

And here is one that I use, that my parents never had to:

Pull up your pants, I can see your underwear (said to both genders).


RT said...

I'm always telling my students to pull up their pants. I really don't need to see their boxer shorts.

I once tried to tell a young lady, very discreetly, that she was showing more crack than a sidewalk after an earthquake. She gave me an attitude before I could even tell her nicely about it, so I went over to where she was sitting with a table full of other kids and said, "I was trying to be nice, but your pants are so low that you are exposing your butt to the world."

I got the last laugh, as she was really fuming, then.

How can it be comfortable to walk around with your pants around your hips? Wacky kids.

I've avoided the whole, "turning into my mom" thing: I don't have children. ;P

USA_Admiral said...

I know just how you feel. I have become my Dad, complete with being unable to finish an entire sentence.

Jeffro said...

One of my Dad's favorites was: "If you're putting your feet under my dinner table, you're gonna do as I say." The point was taken.

Mrs Grim said...

RT - I know, I don't get it either. Here, we say 'crack kills', and that is the tipoff that too much of your butt is hanging out.

Admiral - I guess there are worse things, right!

Jeffro - that's a good one. Along those lines, "as long as you live in my house, you'll follow my rules." I forgot to add that one.

Loving Annie said...

Mrs. Grim,
Oh my goodness, yes ! It scares me how much I am like them - when I swore I would be so different... But sometimes, sometimes... I am glad :)

Wyatt Earp said...

You should be able to murder someone who wears the droopy drawers. But I've been called a radical, so . . .

sohos said...

It's funny if these kids new this trend started in prisons by guys who wore their pants low like that to mean they were down for some prison sex they might not be so gung ho on wearing it that way...When I taught high school part of my rules were NO underwear shown period, girls and guys...or they were out of my class.

sohos said...

OK. I snoped it b/c I just said that is what it means....I found out it is just an urban legend...Doesn't really mean the prison sex thing sorry about that...Sneaks off tail between my legs...

Mrs Grim said...

LA - that's true, sometimes it's not that bad.

Wyatt - ha!

SoHoS - darn, I wanted to use that one. I guess I still could, even if it's not true!

USA_Admiral said...

You could be down wit da struggle.