Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it Snow

We finally got a little snow here today, maybe two inches. Grimjack is in Phoenix, Arizona on business today and tomorrow so he missed it. It apparently is in the 50's there and the locals are complaining because it is 'cold'. He was heading out to dinner when we last spoke, to a restaurant that has rattlesnake on the menu. Hopefully he will try it. He thought he'd be OK with it if it tastes like chicken.

I took pictures of the dog and daughter checking out the snow and sent them to his phone. He was going to send back a picture of a cactus but thought better of it.

Perhaps he will come home with some turquoise jewelry for me.

He also needs to stop at a Starbucks to buy coffee and a Phoenix mug. Whenever we travel, we pick up the city's Starbuck's mugs - they do a series featuring landmarks/skylines from each city.
The rules are, we have to drink coffee there before we can buy the mug - just buying the mug is cheating. It's kind of like buying the concert shirt without going to see the band. Sort of. We've already got Philly, New York City, Detroit, Washington DC, London, and Minneapolis-St Paul.

We've had a lot going on this week. His father had surgery last week and is recovering, so Grimjack has been going over every night to walk the dog and run errands, etc. Then this trip came up with very little notice, so we'll be glad when the week is over.

Back to the snow. I'd like a lot, maybe a foot (the cats feel differently), so we can hunker down and catch up on DVDs, drink hot chocolate and play cards with Little Grim. I always loved snow days when the older kids were in school. In fact, Number One Son called around 7pm and asked me to let him know if I heard that they would have off from school tomorrow. He was out with friends and was delayed getting home because the roads got icy. He is almost 18, and the novelty of a snow day never wears off.


sohos said...

What is Snow? lol...

Mrs Grim said...

SoHoS - that's right, I forget that some of you folks live elsewhere. We don't get that much each winter, but I like it when we do.

USA_Admiral said...

Man, The pictures of the cactus & the rattlesnake makes me miss The Great Southwest so bad. I guess I am home sick.

The snow is nice. I miss it. The down side of that is I get too cold too easy now.

RT said...

Whenever I get a call for a snow day, I squeal, "YAY!" into the phone like a little kid. Snow days area a fun, unexpected little treat.

Oddly, I'd be glad if we didn't have any this year. Driving in it sucks.

Mrs Grim said...

Admiral - I have never been further west than Missouri, but may go back to Phoenix with Grimjack later this year if they send him back. I have a friend in Tuscon I'd love to visit.

RT -yes, the driving sucks. Ironically enough, now that I work from home, I won't get snow days.