Saturday, January 19, 2008

Park City, Utah

It's that time of year again, friends - time for the second annual trek to the Sundance Film Festival by my Number One Son. He and his friends are into film- making and music production. They made a film about extreme sports that they submitted to the film festival this year. It was not accepted for showing, due to a glut of submissions in their category. But they go anyway to network and rub shoulders with folks in the industry.

Last year they went for 4 days, this year they are staying for a full week. Number One Son and three friends, away from home for a full week with little adult supervision? We cringe. As always, I reminded him he was a minor and that if he got arrested we would have to fly to Utah to bail him out of jail. He doesn't want that.

He just called to say they landed safely and had picked up their rental car and were on their way to the condo. Now I can relax for a few hours until I start thinking about what they will do once they get settled and head into town for God knows what. It will be a long week!

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