Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mugshot Meme

RT tagged me with the mugshot meme. All you have to do is put up pictures of your favorite 'beverage vessels', in the words of Cowboy Blob.

So, here goes - this one I don't have often, but when I do it means I did not have to make lunch that day for Kara and I, which makes it a favorite!

My favorite coffee mugs are from our Starbucks collection. When one or both of us travel, we go to a local Starbucks (or visit one in the airport if necessary), order coffee, and buy one of their 'City Collection' mugs from that area. The only rule is that you have to actually drink coffee there. No fair just buying the mug. We have a variety as you can see. We have two of some, when we travelled together, and singles of others from when we had separate business travel. Here's a pic below. The Detroit mug is cracked so that now is only used for holding Kara's paint brushes.
They are hefty and hold a lot of coffee.

Then, this is my favorite mug for tea at night during the winter. Once the weather starts getting warmer, we usually stop the hot tea at night until the fall. I like the shape and sentiment of this mug. I think it is also a Starbucks mug.

I don't know who else to tag, so if you want to do the Mugshot Meme, go right ahead. Let me know and I'll stop by to visit.


RT said...

My favorite MIA, green tea cup was a 30th birthday present from a college chum.

I love that mug, but I can't put it in the microwave or dishwasher.

Loving Annie said...

I love coffee mugs like that because they hold memories of where you have been.

Happy Tuesday to you, Mrs. Grim

Hope Grimjack enjoyed his 45th birthday last week - lawn cows and all :)

grimjack said...

I love the Starbucks mugs. We started doing this during our honeymoon in London. Of course the London mugs broke, so we got a new one on Ebay. One of my travel rules is that it doesn't count if you only visit a city airport. So no Atlanta, Denver or Pittsburgh mugs.