Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Grimjack!

Grimjack turned 45 this past week. In honor of this momentous occasion, I had 45 cows delivered for the front lawn for the whole weekend. Here's how they looked:

It was fun, but he ended up taking a half day at the last minute on Friday and they were delivered while he was here. So the surprise was lost - I really wanted to see the expression on his face when he drove up and saw them. We had a family party for him and my brother-in-law Friday night and everyone enjoyed the cows - especially Kara.

Some of you who know him may be wondering why the cow sign said 'John'. If you know him through a family member (such as Deathlok), you know him as Jack or Jackie. His whole family calls him Jack. His other friends and coworkers all only know him as John, as I do. So it was initially confusing to me when his mom would refer to him as Jack, because that is also his father's name (well, his father's name is also John, but anyway). Since I've known him as John for like 20 years, I just can't call him Jack.

The first time Deathlok called my house and asked for Jack, I told him he had the wrong number.

The name difference becomes a challenge at Christmas time, and other occasions when we send cards. If it is for his family, I need to sign Jack and Kathie, and if it is for my family, I sign John and Kathie.

Best present this year - new Flyers shirt from Lyn and Brad:

Here are some M&M/chocolate chip cookie treats we made for him for his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dear!


Jeffro said...

Happy Birthday, Grimjack! And many more!

RT said...

Those cookies look yummy!

Happy birthday, Grim.

grimjack said...

I loved the cows dear.

I love you.