Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Happenings and Random Ramblings

I've been a very poor blogger this past week and haven't posted anything on my own site since last Thursday. I think it's just the holiday fervor. Here is what has been going on here at the Grim household:

Last Saturday, my sister and her husband had a cookie-baking party. I know people who do cookie exchanges, but they usually bake them in their own house and then show up with 50 million cookies to share with the group. Instead, the family got together to bake them together. My sis has two kitchens that are sort of adjoining, as their house has an In-law Suite that they opened up to give them more space. So we had the ovens going all day. I made Paula Deen's Loaded Oatmeal Cookies. They were yummy. I did substitute dried cranberries for the walnuts since I don't care for nuts in my cookies.

Of course, by the time the day was over, there was not a whole lot left of everything to take home! And what we did bring home is already gone. So I will probably make a batch or two of something this weekend to have on Christmas Day. One of the best cookies of the day - one of the teenage friends made a chocolate cookie with a Rollo candy baked inside. The candy melted and there was gooey chocolate and caramel inside when you bit into them. I only got one of them, which is probably a good thing.

The next day, we were supposed to attend another family Christmas party, this time on my brother-in-law's side. We usually only see this part of the family for a pool party in the summer, and then at Christmas time. But the brother-in-laws got iced in and couldn't attend, so we were not obligated to go. While we enjoy all of their company, we were relieved that we had the day to catch up on our own stuff at home. So we dragged Little Grim out for an afternoon of shopping and an early dinner at the local Bennigan's. It was exactly the kind of day we needed to get refreshed - no rushing. Hard to believe with the holiday shoppers out there, but we actually had a nice relaxing afternoon.

Monday, Little Grim and I had dentist appointments. This was her first actual visit, although she had come with me six months ago and recently with her brother, so she was familiar with the office. She did terrific. She drew the hygienist a picture to hang up in the office while I was getting my teeth cleaned. She stood next to my head and watched, and asked all kinds of questions about what the hygienist was doing. She was concerned about the bib they put on you. Bibs are for babies and she didn't want one. But she hopped right up in the chair when it was her turn and wore the bib, and actually had a fun time. She asked for Princess dental floss and a Princess toothbrush, which she was given, along with Princess toothpaste.

The hygienist was great with her. I'm thinking about writing the office a letter to thank them for making her first visit a good one. When we got out to the car, she said "I LOVE going to the dentist!". I took pictures with my camera phone, but can't figure out how to email them to myself (duh).

I'm having dinner tonight with my friend Lisa from work that I haven't seen in a few months, so Grimjack and the Little are on their own tonight. Then a Christmas lunch with my bosses tomorrow that I am also looking forward to - they have made reservations somewhere but won't tell me where, so I am meeting them at their office (which is also their house, since we all work from home). They've mentioned a Thai place near them so I'm sort of hoping it's there. But anywhere will be good, I'm sure.

Saturday, Megan and Baby Benny are coming up from Jersey, so we are having everyone over Saturday night. They won't be coming up Christmas day, so we are doing a causal 'Christmas' dinner so she can exchange gifts with her Pollyanna, and pick up everything we have for her and Chris and Benny, so they can open it all on Christmas morning at home, in their new house. Chris lost his Mom a year ago to cancer, and this year has been hard on him, with their getting married and the new house and not having her around to enjoy it with them. So they are laying low this Christmas.

I think I've bored you enough! Happy Holidays to all of you, and Thank You to everyone who stops by to read!

I do plan to post my New Year's Resolutions later in the month. I'd love to hear yours as well.


USA_Admiral said...

You keep very busy.

The cookie party sounded like more fun than pounds.
The rollo cookie sounds divine. That is just about my favorite candy.

My resolution; I will make no more resolutions.

Jeffro said...

Re: Cell phone cameras. Rather than burn up minutes transferring data - surely your phone has a memory card slot. Most are TransFlash format - really tiny cards that come with an adapter. Transfer the pics on the built in memory to the card, remove the tiny card, slip it into the adapter (SD card) and slip that into a card reader to transfer to your pc. My last two laptops have the SD reader built in.

Sometimes emailing pictures can really eat up minutes - and since it is data transfer, free nights/weekends and other incentives rarely apply.

RT said...

You've been really busy! They "you're way blessed" kind of busy, too. :)

RT said...

By the way, I tagged you with a MEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Grim said...

HI, Admiral, I'll have to get that cookie recipe. If I can get it, I'll post it.

Jeffro - Hey, thanks for taking the time out from your recovery to give me some advice! My phone is a less expensive one and doesn't have a memory card slot, I checked. So I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Thanks, and a continued recovery to you!

Thanks RT, for the Meme! I've been meaning to do some of the ones everyone's been doing. I'll check it out.

Aprilwine said...

That cookie sounds really really good and really really bad. LOL

Little Grim sounds adorable! How old is she or he?

Mrs Grim said...

Hi April, she will be 4 in March, but thinks she is 14 at times.

Have a nice Christmas!