Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're Back

I finally have some time for blogging. Thanks to everyone for your Congratulations and Best Wishes!

My daughter's wedding turned out wonderful. They had to virtually do all of the planning themselves, with frequent phone calls to us, since they live two hours away. Everything was terrific, in spite of my daughter being the Supreme Procrastinator. (As an example of her procrastination - her aunt had to do alterations to her wedding dress the MORNING of the wedding - I kid you not).

My four girls are the two on both ends.

The ceremony was held at the Cape May Lutheran Church. My daughter was raised Catholic, but her husband Chris is not, but my daughter really wanted to get married in a church so they selected that one. The pastor was a young, very personable, former military chaplain. His personality came through and the ceremony felt intimate even though he did not know the kids well. Although I admit, we had to focus on keeping control of Little Grim, who was the flower girl, and our grandson Benny, who was the ring-bearer and is 18 months old. So we probably did not hear as much of the ceremony as we could have.

These are my four kids from my first marriage along with Chris the groom and Benny.

The flower girl and ring bearer walked down the aisle hand-in-hand, with him dragging the pillow next to him. Kara held on to him so tightly, she forgot to drop the petals from her basket. She decided to do that during the actual ceremony, which kept her busy for a while. Unfortunately we don't have clear pictures of them going down the aisle.

After the ceremony, we adjourned to The Peter Shields Inn around the corner for the reception, where our new son-in-law is a chef. He actually made the crab cakes for his own wedding. The kids planned the whole menu and the food was fantastic. (Two of the girls and I ate dinner one night there last summer, when Chris cooked, and it was the best meal I'd ever eaten.)

There was a digital baby grand piano at the Inn. If you've ever seen an old Player Piano, the keys move while the music is playing, as if someone is actually striking the keys. Kara thought that was great and was trying to play at the same time. So someone gave her a Tip glass. She made $2.25.

Cake Cutting

Here is the bride dancing with Kara, Benny and our other grandson Bo.

Here is a close up of their cake topper.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

We took Benny after the reception on Friday so the kids could take a short honeymoon in Williamsburg, VA. They picked him up last night - I am so out of practice with having more than one young child in the house. Fortunately he is a great sleeper, so we had some respite at night!

Here are Kara and Benny in our hotel room Friday night, enjoying their 'healthy' dinner - hot dogs and cheese fries from a local pizza joint.

We did take the kids out into town for while Friday night, since the reception was a luncheon, but we didn't spend much time walking or shopping,etc. Luckily for me, I am going back down around December 2nd for several days, to help them get settled in their new house. They have closing 11/27 and have to be out of their rental house by Dec 1st. We'll try to squeeze in some Christmas shopping at the Delaware outlets while I'm there. We can just take the ferry over.

A great time was had by all. It is hard to believe it is already over.


RT said...

I'm glad they had a great day. :)

I know/knew a couple that went to Williamsburg for their honeymoon--nice idea.

Jeffro said...

Congrats to the newlyweds! Way to go, Mom!

SoHoS said...

Wow you have beautiful children! Glad everything went well and everyone had a good time.

Loving Annie said...

Hello to you from vacation in Mexico, Mrs. Grim !

Welcome back home !

Beautiful pictures of the wedding, your girls, the cake, everything !

So glad it went so well!

Loving Annie

USA_Admiral said...

Great pictures and a wonderful family.

Glad you are back.

Deathlok said...

Those pictures are awesome. All the girls look beautiful.

It's nice to see Kara taking up the piano like her Godfather.

grimjack said...

A buck from that tip jar was mine for a starter. And we only got another dollar. Cheap family.