Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My week

I haven't been doing much blogging lately, either on my own or on others' blogs. The last few weeks have been busy, as they are for everyone. With the upcoming holidays, things will probably not calm down until after New Year's.

Here is what has been going on this last week:

* I've started working on some Christmas gifts. My newly married daughter Megan was in the Campfire Girls for about 6 years, when she was younger. It's sort of equivalent to the Girl Scouts but they don't sell cookies. They earned badges, went camping, raised money themselves for traveling to events, and so on. They sewed or glued their badges and beads onto ceremonial gowns that they made themselves and would proudly wear to meetings and events. One of her Campfire leaders, Jackie Bolger, was a wonderful woman who became a mentor of sorts to my daughter. Jackie encouraged her in everything she did and I'd like to think that my Megan became the wonderful woman she is, in part due to Jackie. A few months ago, Jackie became ill. I had been wanting to do something with her Campfire gown and decided to make two shadow boxes, using parts of the gown and all her awards that she worked so hard for all those years. Jackie died the day before Megan's wedding. I completed the shadow boxes this weekend, and they turned out beautifully. I made them to hang one above the other, so it looks like the front of her gown. Jackie would be proud.

The other gifts I am working on are scrapbooks for each of my older kids. When they were younger, they sometimes complained that they didn't have complete baby books. Two of them didn't even actually have baby books. With 4 kids in a relatively short period, who had the time? So I decided to go through all my pictures, and make each of them a scrapbook from their childhood. I just finished the oldest's book today. I know the girls will love them, I'm not so sure about the boy. But he will get one anyway, hopefully along with all of his Cub Scout gear and badges in a shadow box as well, if I have time. He'll probably care even less about that - his shadow box is more for me. I was his Cub Scout leader for a time so he earned a good portion of his awards due to our joint efforts.

Oh, shoot, I hope they aren't keeping up with my blog.

* Our dog has really been agressive lately, and even more so since she was boarded for those few days while we were away for the wedding. I work from home and she's been making my life miserable every day, by barking incessantly when she wants attention, and nipping. So tomorrow we have a dog trainer coming to the house to observe her and teach us how to re-establish leadership and dominance. Hopefully this intervention will help. Otherwise I'll have to replace her with a little tiny dog I can carry to the Mall in my purse. (I would never do that, but I have seen it in our local mall, and I don't get it. Why would you take your dog to the Mall? They don't even have a pet store in ours.)

* End of a Discussion between Little Grim and I (I don't recall what we were discussing but according to her, she was right and I was wrong and she was getting increasingly frustrated with me):

Me: I'm sorry, I'm afraid you're incorrect.

Kara: Well, I'm afraid you're...stupid.

That was the funniest thing she said to me all week. To her credit, she looked very sheepish when I turned and walked back into the room to explain that was very rude and she owed me an apology. She did apologize. I can't imagine what she will be like in 10 years.

* I joined Weight Watchers (again) last week. I go on Tuesday nights. Coincidentally, Kara's pre-school teacher, with whom I went to high school, does also, so it gives us a chance to catch up on the last 25 years. It's like my big night out, since I don't get much interaction during the day. My first week was very successful, I lost 4.8 pounds. That is a great motivator and hopefully this time I will see it through. I'll be 47 next year, and being on the slippery slope to 50 sure makes you re-evaluate your health.

* Oh, and I lost a part of a filling tonight during dinner so I now have to try to get into the dentist tomorrow.


USA_Admiral said...

Holy smokes you are right in the middle of busy time.

Take it easy and may you and all the other Grimms have a restful and safe Thanksgiving Day.

RT said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

While you have a ton of things to do, they are all things that will enrich your heart in some way.

Loving Annie said...

almost 5 pounds in one week ? excellent - that is a great motivator in the beginning !

april said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your dear friend.

Congratulations on the marriage of your daughter.

You're kids gifts sound perfect! I wish I had the patience to make scrapbooks for my kids....someday.