Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pierced Ears

For her upcoming birthday, Little Grim wanted her ears pierced. I told her it would pinch when they did it, and she was fine with that. Here is a picture of her beautiful new earring:

Notice I said earring - singular. Here is a picture of her other ear, with a little purple dot where her new earring SHOULD be:

She would not let them do the second one. So now, she has a lovely pierced ear that she is very proud of. I really don't believe she has any intentions of going back for the other one any time soon. It is totally my fault, I should have gone when they had two employees working so they could have done them both at exactly the same time.

UPDATE: After some discussion last night, she decided she really wanted the second earring, so I took her back to the Mall at 8 o'clock last night, and she got the other ear done. She never even flinched.


RT said...

Maybe she'll start a trend. :)

Hopefully she works up the courage, again.

My dad took me to get mine when I was 12. Yeah, I couldn't wait to feel that pain. Heh.

Mrs Grim said...

Well, we did end up going back to the Mall late last night for the other earring. She must have wanted it badly! So now she has a matching set.

USA_Admiral said...

Pain is unexpected and quickly goes away. She is a tough Cookie.

When my Daughter gets hers pierced Mom will get hers done too. My Wife had them pierced long ago when I first met her but they have since grown back due to lack of use. Airforce mechanics can't wear a lot of earrings. The hearing protection was the reason I think.

Kids are so tough when they know what to expect.

RT said...

Good for her. Hope she got one of those Starbucks' oatmeal cookies, too. :)

Mrs Grim said...

Admiral - yes, she was a trooper. That's cute that they will get them done together.

RT - She chose ice cream at Ben and Jerry's for her treat, she likes the 'curly ice cream' (vanilla soft serve).

Wyatt Earp said...

Good stuff! Now do Grim's!

Fox said...

Sorry. Look please here

grimjack said...

Now do grims? Too late, Wyatt. Mine's been pierced for years. My ear I mean.