Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Pet Peeves

Here are my top pet peeves:

  • Bad Drivers, namely:
    *Those who won’t turn on red;
    *Those who pull out two feet in front of me - I drive a LARGE Chevy Uplander, I am not invisible; and *Tailgaters , who force me to drive even more s-l-o-w-l-y (right, Grimjack?).

  • Bad service in good restaurants

  • Bad service at bad restaurants., For example, Drive-thru cashiers who think I care about what food THEY like. We have one of these at the McDonalds near us. For some reason, she feels compelled to tell me why she does or doesn’t like something I’ve ordered. Last night’s Chat Du Jour – iced tea and why she doesn’t drink it unsweetened. Meanwhile, Little Grim is in the back saying “Hey, I want my Chicken Nuggets, Mama.”, and there are 10 cars backed up in the drive-thru behind me.

  • Customer service lines that have been outsourced to India.

  • Our Indian next door neighbor – I am NOT racist, he is just an a$$hole. Hopefully Grimjack won’t end up killing him….

  • The cops who didn’t arrest the Indian neighbor…story for another time.

  • The ‘Greeter’ at K-Mart that was missing most of her teeth. Seriously. That isn’t really even a pet peeve, it just freaked me out. They obviously need a dental plan.

  • A Dog who occasionally pees on my rugs and other places when she gets really mad. Oh, and a dog who chews the noses and ears off of Little Grim’s stuffed animals. Not quite sure how she manages that.

  • An over abundance of cute Girl Scouts selling cookies in public places during Girl Scout cookie-selling season. Hey, I love Thin Mints, but if I bought a box every time I passed someone selling them, I’d weigh 400 pounds. I already need to hit the BowFlex and treadmill.

  • Women who DO hit the BowFlex and Treadmill regularly…..Not really, that’s my jealousy talking – apparently consuming mass quantities of Gummy Bears, and Beer Bread and dip will not make me thinner. Sad but true.


SoHoS said...

Now you made me start craving Girl Scout Cookies. When does THAT season start?

skywriter said...

I seem to get this one checker like that, right after I get in the "express aisle 12 items/cash only" behind a guy buying 28 bags of tater tots to be paid for by a personal check from the Bank of Fallujah.

She'll comment on everything I buy. "Oh. . are these good?" "Oh those have too much fat" (looking at my stomach - just wait til you're in your 40's and have had a couple of babies - sweet thing). Oh. . then read the lone magazine I might pick up and comments on the articles. arghhh.

It's almost worth getting in the slow lane just to avoid her.

Mrs Grim said...

Skywriter, Good one. We have a checker at the local store that will actually open up the greeting cards you buy, read them, and then comment. I'm speaking to the manager if she does that again, since that is just a blatent invasion of our privacy. I was so stunned the first time it happened, I was at a loss for words.

grimjack said...

Ah-the card reader. The one who read mine was a guy. I just told him that they weren't for him so just ring them up. I don't have to be nice to people like that.

Now to address the driving comment: I don't tailgate. I simply let people know that I am there, and they are in my way. I believe that people who drive under the speed limit should be aggressively ticketed. Or forced to drive on back roads.

Loving Annie said...

Mrs. Grim,
I agree with you on ALL of them :)

I'm a gummy bear fan myself... The red ones mostly.

Hope that you have a great Labor Day weekend !