Friday, August 24, 2007

Atlanta Considers Banning Baggy Pants

I wholeheartedly agree that Baggy, low-hanging pants are annoying, stupid-looking and can be offensive – but calling it a “Racial Profiling bill” seems like a huge stretch to combat the amendment. So are mini skirts on any female over 35, but I don’t see anyone trying to control that. There is nothing wrong with teaching today’s youth some proper decorum when in public, in school and in business. But start with the parents - How about if the parents of the youth refuse to buy them? Hey, there’s an idea, parents, Just Say No - and dress your children in a manner to be proud of, and in sizes that fit them.

And besides, doesn’t Altanta have bigger problems than this to concentrate on? If not, we’re packing up and moving to Georgia….

ATLANTA - Baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs would be illegal under a proposed amendment to Atlanta's indecency laws. The amendment, sponsored by city councilman C.T. Martin, states that sagging pants are an "epidemic" that is becoming a "major concern" around the country.
"Little children see it and want to adopt it, thinking it's the in thing," Martin said Wednesday. "I don't want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future." The proposed ordinance would also bar women from showing the strap of a thong beneath their pants. They would also be prohibited from wearing jogging bras in public or show a bra strap, said Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia…... But Seagraves said any legislation that creates a dress code would not survive a court challenge. She said the law could not be enforced in a nondiscriminatory way because it targets something that came out of the black youth culture. "This is a racial profiling bill that promotes and establishes a framework for an additional type of racial profiling," Seagraves said. Martin, who is black, said he plans to hold public hearings and vet the proposal through churches, civil rights groups and neighborhood organizations. The proposal will get its first public airing next Tuesday in the City Council's Public Safety Committee……..
Information from: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,


Loving Annie said...

Good Friday morning Mrs. Grim.
Wyatt sent me.

And I think baggy pants are gross.

But are they indecent ?

Depends on who is wearing them, and if otherwise the guy might have looked like he had a good butt :)

I don't like seeing women's thongs in public either. Just seems like poor taste, and I've recently nominated myself for the fashion police department :)

But banning jogging bras ???? Geez.

A dress code in theory is a good idea FOR SCHOOLS. But in life overall, it'll never survive a court challenge.

Hope that you have a good Friday.

Loving Annie

Deathlok said...

Hey Hey Hey! 'Bout time someone picked up Grimjack's slack.

Parent's controlling their kids? That is absolutely unheard of today. How dare you suggest it.

As much as I hate the baggy thing, I think that it's a gamble. If they are hanging low, I'm unhappy, but I'll tolerate it. Once you expose yourself or something like that. . .you go to jail. Just like rolling a 7.

Besides, if walking around in your underwear is "indecent exposure" , how is having pants "not quite on" any different.

Ssssteve said...

Grim, mr. not mrs., since when is walking around in your underwear considered indecent. I see it all the time here in the crappy NW. I agree by the way that it is indecent.

Grim, Mrs. not Mr., the woman from the ACLU is wrong. the wearing of baggy pants off the butt started in prison, not the black community. it showed that you were someones, rhymes with witch, and for other inmates to keep their hands off. So when I see someone wearing clothes like that, I assume that they must be owned by someone else.

btw, Wyatt sent me over.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If they aren't going to pass spandex laws first, I'm not interested.

Welcome to the blogododecahedron, BTW.

grimjack said...

sssteve-Deathlok is not Mr. Grim. He may be , well Death, but not me.

Personally, it's a stupid look. Just like the stupid stuff I wore when I was 17. Unfortunately, the jeans/concert shirt/flannel shirt that was my uniform (along with multi-colored converse hi-tops) I wore in the late 70's and early 80's did not really come into fashion until Nirvana hit in 91. Good thing I moved onto the Members Only jacket with 50 zippers.

Deathlok said...

Yeah, but our bad fashion covered our "junk".