Friday, May 23, 2008


I just happened to come across this list of 20 Movies that make Men Cry.

I've seen most of them and I know they made me cry. I think they should have included Field of Dreams, though. I always thought the storyline of Kevin Costner's character's relationship with his father was an especially poignant part of that movie. The scene where he gets to toss a ball around to his Dad always gets to me.

But, I always cry during the Godfather when Sonny gets gunned down at the tollbooth, so perhaps I am not a good barometer.


RT said...

Movies with animals make me cry. I can't watch them. The Little Prince made me cry big-time! My dad took me to see it twice. I tried to convince him I wouldn't cry again. I did.

I seem to cry a little easier when I watch movies these days. More life experience, I guess I can relate to the characters' experiences.

Jeffro said...

Egads. I haven't even seen half of the choices - like Philadelphia, for instance. AFAIC, they missed The Cowboys with the Duke - and The Shootist gets an honorable mention at least.

But yeah - "Earn this" and "Your daddy is passing" get me every time.

USA_Admiral said...

I guess I am emotionally challenged.

As a kid I cried at Brian's Song and Old Yeller.

Why would guys cry watching Saving Private Ryan?

I only saw 8 of these 20 movies.

Jeffro said...

usa_admiral: I'm overcome when the "old" Ryan asks his wife if he has been a good man and led a good life at Captain Miller's grave. We saw the sacrifices Miller and his troops made to get Ryan out of the war. We saw how Miller was just a guy doing a job for his country, and as soon as everyone did their jobs, they'd all come home. Except he didn't get to. All that brings emotions to the surface for me.

Plus, that movie came out in '98. My father passed away in '98 before the movie came out that summer. The "old" Ryan could be a brother to my Dad. Seeing him walk, the hair combed and parted the same way, wearing the same kind of clothes - well, it sure reminds me of my father and how much I miss him.

Stacy said...

I would have added 'Field of Dreams' too. As for the rest, I can't imagine most of those making a guy cry.